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Disney100: The Exhibition invites guests to step into ten magnificent and imaginatively themed galleries, where moving stories, unique interactive installations, and behind-the-scenes glimpses take them on a journey through 100 years of Disney storytelling. The Walt Disney Archives has opened its vault of treasures for this approximately 15,000-square-foot experience, showcasing hundreds of extraordinary objects, including many of Disney’s “Crown Jewels”— more than 250 rarely-seen artifacts and works of art, costumes and props, and memorabilia.

This exhibit will be traveling around the world for approximately five years!

Tour Locations and Tickets Website:
      Past: Philadelphia (2023); Munich (2023)
      Present: London (2023-24); Chicago (2023-24)
      Future: Kansas City (May 2024)

Vintage vinyl record covers in the exhibit supplied by Bill D. Morgan



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